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My first encounter with the Raika Camel herders was in November 2017 when I attended the Marwar camel festival in Sadri, Rajasthan.
I was captivated by this extraordinary community of nomadic pastoralists and delighted when the opportunity arose to attend the Raika Journey event with a group of like-minded adventurers in


November the following year.
This 5-day immersion into the Raika way of life and ancient culture was both fascinating and educational. 
The opportunity to sleep under the stars with the camel herders, listen to the Raika stories around the fire at night and forage for medicinal plants with traditional healer Mrs Dailibai Raika were unique and exceeded my expectations. 

I urge anyone with a curious mind and adventurous nature to consider this event when seeking their next authentic Indian experience.


The Raika journey was a wonderful life-changing experience. Spending time with the camel herders, their families and sleeping one night under the stars with 70 camels was magic.


I loved the food, I loved the campfire stories but at the same time also appreciated the comfortable accommodation. It created a new appreciation for these beautiful camels and the special people who look after them.


If you get the chance just do it, you won't look back.

Dee Ann

My love affair with the camels of Rajasthan began with a family trip to Jaisalmer.  All “roads” after that led me to LPPS and their tireless and impactful advocacy for the camels and their caregivers. 


I volunteered to help organize a journey that would be the first of its kind, to share the story of the Raika as told by the Raika.  I am privileged to help create an unforgettable experience to connect intimately and deeply with a culture that has so much to teach us.


This is a unique opportunity to be immersed in a rapidly disappearing way of life that has so much to teach the world about ethical relationships with animals and about how to live in harmony with nature.


It will be an unforgettable experience and rekindle the interest of young Raika in their hereditary profession, thereby making a tangible positive impact on camel conservation. 


We at LPPS are incredibly excited about this


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